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Chapter 6

he goal of this chapter is to deconstruct various designs into their individual visual components and then provide an approach for reconstructing them in code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Below are a few ideas I'm considering as I'm in the early brainstorming stage for this chapter. Let me know on Twitter @derekknox what you'd most like to see deconstructed and why. Here are my current considerations:

  • Specific UI components of:
    • Adobe Illustrator or XD or Sketch
    • Twitter
    • Airbnb
    • Gmail
    • Other?
  • TV hockey score overlay
    • two distinct teams/scores
    • clock timer
    • penalty UI
    • etc.
  • ESPN-like scores/news ticker
  • Custom music player
    • repeat
    • shuffle
    • play/pause toggle
    • prev/next
  • Other?